Making Your Tiny Home RV Insurance Ready

If you are interested in the tiny home movement, you know that you face separate challenges than those who live in traditional homes. While your house will look, both inside and out, like a miniature version of your average home, there are differences that you will have to prepare for. One of the differences is the hurdle of finding insurance. Here are some tips to make your tiny home eligible for recreational vehicle insurance, which is widely available on the insurance market.

Keep it on wheels

One of the main differences that some tiny homes have from recreational vehicles is that they are not on wheels. In order to insure your tiny home as an RV, you will need to keep the home on wheels. Even if you have a stable spot for your home on land, you can leave your tiny home on wheels so that it remains technically mobile. Mobility is necessary to classify a vehicle as an RV. In order to "bolt" down the home, consider creating tie downs for the home so that it remains attached to the land during inclement weather but can still be considered mobile.

Consider having it built by an RV company

One surefire method for having a tiny home approved for RV insurance is to have your tiny home built by an RV company. There are home building companies that supply tiny homes, there are tiny homes that come with plans to be built by the owner's hands, and there are tiny homes that come customized from RV companies. A tiny home from an RV company is likely to have a similar build to an actual RV, but will act as an item that must be hauled on a trailer, similar to a fifth wheel or travel trailer. Be sure to find a company that offers the layout you need for optimal living.

Buy a tiny home with an RV loan

If you would rather buy a pre-built tiny home, you can select one from a builder that is certified to create recreational vehicles. Look for tiny home builders and RV companies that offer tiny homes, then secure a loan. The loan will require insurance and will likely come with some insurers who work with the company. By getting a tiny home through RV financing, you have the chance to purchase a home that you cannot afford outright and you will have several options for full coverage insurance that you may not have had otherwise.   

For more information about insuring your tiny home as an RV, contact a company like Holt Insurance Services.