Three Common Mistakes People Make After A Personal Injury

Any time a person is injured it can be traumatic. Often you are caught by surprise as is usually the case with an auto accident, but there are other situations that apply as well. You may have been hit by a car as a pedestrian or while riding a bicycle. Perhaps you were bitten by a dog, or had an accident while working on someone's property, but whatever the situation is, there are certain mistakes that people will make after they are hurt. The following are three of the most significant.

Failing to document the event

With an auto accident, there is often a police report, but that is only when the police are called, and in some jurisdictions, they may not come to an accident unless the damage or injuries are significant. Without a police report, you can still get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses, and with a smartphone, you can take a few photos. In the case of a dog bite, attempt to discover who owns the dog. The more information you gather at the time of the injury, the better a lawyer will be able to help you.

Not going to the doctor

It is imperative that you document any injuries that you have at the time of the accident. If you delay a trip to the doctor, it is possible that you could have sustained an injury somewhere else at a later time. Seeing a doctor immediately gives a personal injury attorney a better chance of getting compensation for you. This is true even when there are no serious injuries at the time of the accident. Certain problems may show up at a later date that may not have been apparent to a doctor after the accident. But if you visited a doctor immediately after the injury, an attorney will have an easier time explaining your current health problems.

Signing legal documents

This is a classic mistake made by people who are injured. Insurance representatives will attempt to close the books on a potential claim before an injured party has a chance to contact an attorney. They know that a personal injury attorney will seek just compensation for their client. If you are offered anything to sign, politely turn it down until you can speak to a lawyer. This includes any checks that are waived in your face, because an endorsement of a check can waive your rights to any further compensation.

Although it can be difficult to keep a clear mind when you have been physically injured, try as best you can to document the event, go to the hospital and to not sign anything. If you can remember to do these three things, you will give an attorney the best chance at getting you compensation for your injuries. For more information, visit websites like