3 Auto Insurance Discounts You May Be Eligible For With A Teen Driver

Your teen may be looking forward to the day when they finally get their driver's license, but of you are like most parents, this is one milestone that you are not so thrilled about. Having a new teen driver in the house is bound to bring on a lot more stress and worry as a parent, but t will also bring along concerns of your current insurance rates being raised dramatically. Even though your auto insurance is bound to increase with a new, inexperienced driver listed on the policy, there are still a few ways you may be able to save a little money on your overall insurance costs. 

Ask your insurer about the good student discount

Even insurance companies do their part to recognize teenagers who do their best at school and make decent grades. Therefore, most of them do offer some type of good student discount if you have a teen listed on your auto insurance policy. As long as your child maintains a good grade point average and you can prove that, you may be able to qualify for this discount on your insurance policy. 

Check out discounts for insuring more than one vehicle

At some point after your teen gets their driver's license there is a pretty good chance there will also be another vehicle added on to your policy to be covered. While you may be expecting your premium to go up with the addition of another vehicle, you may actually see your rate go down. This is because the majority of auto insurance providers offer multiple car discounts for customers who have more than one vehicle listed on their insurance policy. 

See if your insurance offers driver monitoring discounts

One of the relatively new ways to get a discount on your auto insurance is with driver monitoring devices. A small device is shipped to you by your insurance provider and this device is plugged into your car. The small monitor keeps track of things like your usual rate of speed, how many sudden stops you make, and sudden changes in acceleration. The data collected is used to get a good look at usual driving habits. Not only is this a good opportunity for you to save money on your auto insurance with a responsible teen driver, it is a good way to ensure your new driver pays closer attention to their own driving habits.