Lyft Driver Insurance: What You Need To Know Before You Start Giving Lifts

Have you ever thought about car insurance for your latest side hustle? This might be using your personal car with some of the newest ride apps like Lyft. They allow you to collect a fair for giving people lifts.  Whether you're a full-time driver or just doing it on the weekends, your car insurance can become costly if you are not careful. The following Lyft insurance information will explore the ins and outs of insurance, ways to save money, and what you should consider when looking at your policy.

Types of Rideshare Coverage

Rideshare apps are a popular solution for people looking for rides and for people looking to make some extra money. One area that drivers overlook when doing a rideshare side job is insurance. Your normal coverage might not cover your driving when giving people rides for extra money. Therefore, you might need extra coverage. Some of the different types of rideshare coverage include:

  • Liability
  • Full coverage
  • Uninsured coverage

These are basic insurance policies that can cover you and your passengers if there is an accident or other problems. You might want to talk to your Lyft driver insurance agent about the type of policy you need and the requirements where you live.

Insurance Requirements for Drivers

It's important to understand what kind of insurance you need if you want to be a driver for a rideshare company. There are different requirements depending on the company you are working for and the insurance regulations where you live. In general, you want to have commercial vehicle insurance that has a higher liability than your own personal coverage. This ensures passengers and other third parties are covered if there is ever an accident that causes damages.

Levels of Driver Insurance Coverage

There are different levels of coverage with driver insurance. This may start with a basic policy that covers third-party damages and losses, and it can also cover more damage to your vehicle and losses. There are some areas when driving for rideshare apps that you might not be completely covered. These are when you want to make sure you have the right commercial vehicle coverage to ensure you are covered whether you are working or traveling on your own.

When you are planning a side job like using a rideshare app, it is important to look at your insurance to make sure you are covered. Contact a Lyft driver insurance provider to ensure you are covered in case something goes wrong.

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