How A Public Adjuster Or Insurance Damages Expert Can Help You

You take out an insurance policy because you want peace of mind that you will be reimbursed if something ever goes sideways on you. While the general idea makes sense, some policyholders can hit a snag when the time comes to actually submit a claim. Insurance companies of course have an obligation to fulfill their end of the bargain when the time comes, but they also have a vested interest in trying to keep the total cost down in order to reduce their expenses and protect their long-term profits. This is why when you need a damage assessment, you may want to hire your own insurance damages expert or public claims adjuster instead of relying on one provided by the insurance company.

A Public Adjuster Understands Complex Insurance Policy Language and Can Help Guide You Through the Process

Insurance policy language is often complicated or filled with legalese. It may seem overwhelming at times or like it just doesn't make any sense. Insurance companies may use this to their advantage because they think you won't push back too hard on their offer to settle your claim if you don't understand what's going on. But a public adjuster knows the ins and outs and will be able to explain the best route forward for your specific case.

A Public Adjuster Can Help You Get a Better Offer for Your Claim By Providing Additional Evidence

One reason you might want to hire your own insurance expert is if you have already received an offer from the insurance firm but it's much less than you thought your policy entitled you to. A public adjuster can assess the damage and may be able to go to bat for you with the insurance company. Once presented with the additional evidence, the insurance company may make a higher offer than you otherwise would have received.

Most Public Adjusters Get Paid Out of the Additional Amount They Secure for You, Which Means They Are On Your Side

One of the reasons you should not hesitate to hire a public adjuster is that in many cases, they won't take a fee unless they get money for you. Their payment is often a percentage of how much additional money they get for you in comparison to whatever the initial offer was from the insurance company.

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