Three Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Auto Insurance

While each state has minimum auto coverage requirements, the coverage options offered by each auto insurance company can still vary wildly. Below are three questions to ask each company to get a better idea of what they can offer you, and to help narrow down your auto insurance company options.    Question #1: Who Will be Covered Under My Policy?  If your aunt is visiting from out of town and borrows your car, will your car be covered in the event of an accident? Read More 

Tips For Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

Everyone wants to save money on car insurance, and it's probably much easier than you think. Use the following tips to earn discounts and smaller premiums from your auto insurance carrier: Choose Your Car Wisely If the high cost of insurance premiums is an issue going in, make sure you get one or two quotes before purchasing your new car. Choosing a model that rates high on the list of most-stolen cars or that has a notoriously poor safety rating is going to cost you more. Read More 

Add-Ons To Consider For Your Insurance Policies

Whether you're insuring your home against potential damage, or insuring your car in case of a collision, there are a number of options to consider beyond basic coverage. Both home insurance and auto insurance have add-ons that you can purchase, expanding the coverage your policy provides. While some can be unnecessary others can actually be a requirement, depending on the vehicle you drive, the house you live in or its location. Read More 

Your Trampoline And Home Insurance: What You Should Know

Insurance companies hate trampolines, and for good reason. Trampolines account for over 100,000 injuries every year. This makes owning a trampoline a huge liability if you have home insurance. Learn what you should know about trampolines and home insurance so you aren't confused about any coverage you may (or may not) have. You may not be covered Your home insurance provider may choose not to cover your trampoline at all, which means if anyone gets injured on it you have to pay for the medical damages yourself. Read More 

Guarantee Security Through Information - Questions To Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

For many people, making sure that their loved ones will be secure and taken care of in the event of their passing is a huge concern that requires a great deal of attention. However, making sure that you have sufficient coverage can be a difficult proposition, and many people are unfamiliar with the steps they need to take to make sure they've correctly invested.  Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your life insurance agent. Read More