Road Rage Over Your Teen Driver’s Premiums? Simple Tips To Prevent Accidents And Save On Your Teen’s Auto Insurance

As a parent, you most likely want to keep your child safe at all times. However, when your child grows into a teenager, it can be more difficult. Since most teens consider the driver's license an important rite of passage, it can be overwhelming when your own teen heads off on the road without you. Of course, the 79 percent average rate increase on your insurance premiums can also be an overwhelming challenge. Thankfully, using these tips, you can prevent even higher auto insurance rates while keeping your new teen driver safe.

Give the Right Vehicle

Your teen may dream of a bright, shiny sport's car for their 16th birthday. Unfortunately, a new, luxury automobile will only make your insurance rates higher. To reduce the risk of accidents from speeding or lack of control and to prevent major rate hikes, consider the following when purchasing a vehicle for your new driver:

  • Features and Accessories – Innovative features and accessories are not necessary for a new driver. Their ideal vehicle should include the basics. Cruise control, power steering, and anti-lock brakes are important for handling and safe driving. A vehicle with Bluetooth capabilities can reduce the need for your teen to be on their phone, too.
  • Size – It may be more difficult for your teen to operate a larger car or Sport utility vehicle. For a safer alternative, opt for a 4-door sedan. While traditional and deemed boring by teenagers, it is safe and offers sufficient protection if involved in an accident.
  • Age of Vehicle – Again, your teen would love to have a modern, attractive new vehicle, but newer models will only increase your insurance rates further. Purchase a vehicle that is in the middle of its lifespan. It may not be new, but will be in good operating condition and more affordable to insure.

Passenger Limitations

Your teen is an excited new driver that wants to share with their friends. Socialization is an important part of their lives, but this should not occur on the road while driving.

When your teen receives their driver's license, you must set up passenger limitations. Even if your teen is driving to and from school, ensure they understand the dangers of interacting with passengers. Limit them to one passenger for their first year. As they mature and increase their experience, allow them to have an additional passenger for each year.

Speed Control

Driving over the speed limit is not only illegal, but also dangerous. Due to speeding, 28 people die each day. While you may not want to imagine an accident involving your teenager driver, it is a realistic possibility that can be avoided.

Unfortunately, you cannot control your child's speed when they are driving alone. However, ensure they understand the importance of speed control.  Teach them how to use their cruise control. In addition, educate them on the financial ramifications of a speeding ticket including court costs and insurance increases. If your teen is aware of all the various consequence, they will be more likely to control their speed.

Your teenager driver will increase your auto insurance premiums, but the higher rates do not have to be permanent. Using these safe driving tips, you can prevent accidents and future rate hikes. (For more information on insurance, contact a company such as Cornerstone Insurance Group)