How To Be Compensated For Your Biking Injuries

If you are struck by a car while biking down the street, there is a good chance that you will have major medical issues that will accrue and need to be addressed right away. The insurance company for the driver of the vehicle will be responsible for paying your medical bills, but they may pay you for more than just that in the end. Below is a guide for a few things that some insurance companies will pay for when an accident occurs.

Property Damage

If you were riding a bike when you were struck, the insurance company may pay to have it replaced or repaired. Take the bike to a bike repair shop and have an associate let you know what it would cost to have the bike repaired, if repairs can be done. If the bike cannot be repaired, find out how much a comparable bike would cost and have the associate print out documentation verifying that information that you can give to the insurance company.

Emotional Distress

After being struck while traveling down the road, you will more than likely have some emotional distress from the situation. If you have to go to counseling to handle the distress you feel, get copies of the amounts you paid to see the counselor and the insurance company might reimburse you for the money you spent. You may need quite a few sessions, so be sure that you account for the sessions you already had and the ones that you plan to have in the future. The insurance company may not pay for years of counseling, but they may pay for six months or a year, if you submit the right documentation.

Future Costs

If you were badly injured during the accident, you will more than likely need physical therapy for the pain and anguish you are feeling. The cost for the physical therapy should be included in the money that the insurance company gives you for your pain and suffering. Be sure that you have a recovery plan printed by your therapist to submit to the insurance company to let them know how much physical therapy you will need in order to regain as much use of your damaged body parts as possible.

You need to document any and all costs associated with the accident to ensure that you can submit them to the insurance company. Most companies, ones like Liverpool Associates, will be willing to work with you to make sure that you are properly compensated for the damage that was done, as long as you can provide evidence to them for the money that will need to be spent in order to make you whole again.