3 Tips For Parents To Reduce Teens’ Accidents

As a parent, you want to do all that's possible to keep your teen safe. If you could lock them away and throw away the key, sometimes that seems best. However, as they get older and more independent, they start to drive and are out on the road by themselves.

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC chart, in 2012, unintentional motor vehicle traffic accidents was the number one cause of death amongst youth in the United States. So, how can you as a parent keep your teen safe and reduce their likelihood of being involved in an accident?

1. Ensure They've Had Enough Practice Time

Don't leave instructional driving time up to your child's school and driver's education program. Get out there with your teen and have them drive you around as much as possible. If you are afraid to let your child drive you around, you should not be comfortable with them on the road on their own. Be sure to drive in a variety of scenarios and weather conditions:

  • Night
  • Early morning
  • High peak traffic time
  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Sleet

In doing so, you can be confident they can handle whatever conditions they should meet out there alone.

2. Ensure The Vehicle Is Reliable

You can help minimize automobile injuries by ensuring the vehicle is reliable. Your teen does not need to have a brand new vehicle, but they should have one that is safe and passes inspection. They should always have all necessary fluids topped off, so the vehicle does not break down in the middle of the highway or cause trouble to make your teen nervous while driving. Also, having a larger vehicle or truck that can handle rough roads is another plus. Ensure your teen does have a reliable auto insurance provider that offers roadside assistance. 

3. Both of You Sign a Contract

According to the National Safety Council, in 2011 alone, there were more than 35,000 lives claimed due to fatalities on the road. Alcohol-related deaths topped at 30.8%.

There are many organizations that have created contracts for teens and parents to abide by. One of which is an agreement that teens will not drink or do drugs. However, if something were to happen where they did, they agree to contact their parents and not get behind the wheel of the car. Parents need to agree to not hassle their teen about the incident. This may be the best binding contract you could ever sign in your life. Give your teen the ability to tell the truth and stay safe.

By following the above three tips, you can help reduce the possibility that your teen will be involved in an accident. They may feel you are overprotective, but it's better to be so today than not have them around tomorrow. For more information, contact a company like Manassero Insurance Agency Inc.