Is A Mobile Home More Expensive Than A Traditional House To Insure?

If you are thinking about how the purchase of a mobile home could help you save money, you may have concerns about whether mobile homes are more expensive to insure. You should know that while some aspects of mobile home insurance coverage are a little different than the coverage for a traditional house, the cost is not always more expensive. Check out some of the coverage options you may want to think about for a mobile home policy.

Your Sole Ownership Of A Mobile Home Can Equal Discounts

Buying a used mobile home may seem like the best way to save money. However, if you buy your mobile home brand new, you can enjoy discounts for being the only owner. Your insurance company works to determine the risk you and your property pose to them when considering premium costs. The more settled and responsible you look, the lower your premiums will be for your mobile home. If you have been the only owner of your home, the chances are also lower for damages as well.

Modern Mobile Homes Are Built To Last

Maybe you thought insurance coverage for a mobile home would be more expensive because of it not being as long-lasting as a traditional house. Today, however, mobile homes are manufactured with quality materials and made to last a long time. For this reason, your premiums will never be based on the myth that mobile homes are poorly built and cheap. Never base your final choices about the purchase of mobile home based on myths you might have heard about them. Doing so could mean you missing the opportunity to save a lot of cash on the purchase of a home.

Lowering Your Premiums For Mobile Home Coverage

One of the reasons you may find your mobile home policy different than one for a house is about the description "mobile." If you have a mobile home transported to your property, taking off its axles and underpinning it with brick or block is best for paying less on your insurance coverage. If you take the time to make your mobile home "immobile" and build it into a permanent structure, your premiums for its coverage should be about the same as you would pay for a traditional style house. You may want to talk to a place like Southern Family Insurance for more information about lowering your premiums.

For many young families, mobile homes make it possible for them to buy a home early on. If you are buying a mobile home, remember to take the steps necessary for lowering your insurance coverage and enjoy the savings. Remember that getting your policy at the same company you get your auto insurance from can also help you to save on your premiums.