What To Look For When Buying Your First Homeowner Insurance Policy

When buying a policy for home insurance for the first time, you may not know what you should be looking for. In order to get an affordable rate and the right amount of coverage for your house, consider the following things. Coverage for Land If something should happen to your house, it is unlikely that something will happen to the land on the property as well. You may very well be able to build a new structure on the land after the old one is cleared away. Read More 

Making Your Tiny Home RV Insurance Ready

If you are interested in the tiny home movement, you know that you face separate challenges than those who live in traditional homes. While your house will look, both inside and out, like a miniature version of your average home, there are differences that you will have to prepare for. One of the differences is the hurdle of finding insurance. Here are some tips to make your tiny home eligible for recreational vehicle insurance, which is widely available on the insurance market. Read More 

What Does A Bridal Registry Have To Do With Flood Damage? A Lot!

If you've come home from vacation, or even a long day at work, and notice flood damage from a busted water heater or another destructive water episode, the first thing you'll do is whatever it takes to remove the water. You'll then call the damage contractors to repair any structural damage. If you have a lot of personal items that were ruined in the flood, you'll need to find a way to obtain the proper value of the items for your insurance company so they can be replaced. Read More 

5 Tips For Lowering Your Car Insurance Premiums

When you open up your car insurance bill and see a premium higher than normal, it can send you into a panic. The good news is that setting a high deductible is not the only way to reduce your insurance premiums. Here are five helpful tips for lowering your car insurance premiums: Take a Defensive Driving Course Defensive driving courses are not just for teenagers anymore; adult drivers can also take them to lower their insurance premiums. Read More 

Tips For Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

Everyone wants to save money on car insurance, and it's probably much easier than you think. Use the following tips to earn discounts and smaller premiums from your auto insurance carrier: Choose Your Car Wisely If the high cost of insurance premiums is an issue going in, make sure you get one or two quotes before purchasing your new car. Choosing a model that rates high on the list of most-stolen cars or that has a notoriously poor safety rating is going to cost you more. Read More